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Taking time….

Enjoying some downtime in sunny Cornwall. It’s wonderful to take time to think, plan, relax and enjoy some fun activities…

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Friendly & Fabulous

Our friendly evening at The Griffin, more than the usual stages to this one and they all did fabulously well 😃…

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Oh yes!

Ohh look, we’re painting the Slate Bridge at The Griffin…. 😊 Your chair awaits you, get it before someone sits on…

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Cheeky Online Session

Something from our cheeky online Brooklyn Bridge Session 😀 More information at 

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The Magic….

See how wonderful they all are, the same instructions with the magic of each individual’s personality added. This is from…

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Brooklyn Bridge Online – Don’t miss it!

We are painting Brooklyn Bridge Online Tuesday 24th May…. why not join us?

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Nothing like a smile to brighten the day

Thought I would brighten your day with the smiling faces of our lovely guests at the Wheatsheaf Inn, Braunston 🥰 We…

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More Good News!

Yes Indeed, it is Good News! nJoyArt is coming to Braunston, on Thursday 24th March at 4pm You are invited…

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Good News…

I spent the afternoon in Lutterworth, with some really lovely people 💕 We were painting ‘Boats’. The venue was fabulous and…

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Lush blooms

Did you know, you can get 2 fabulous watercolour florals for the price of 1! Come and join Lauriel online…