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It’s time for the adults to take a break from the stresses of life and unleash their inner artist!

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Painting is Fun

Painting is Fun!

nJoyArt ‘Painting for Fun’ Sessions are sociable get-togethers. Gathering with friends, family, and meeting new people.

You’ll find our events in a variety of styles. At our “Paint and Sip”, “Paint and Pint” and “Paint & Prosecco” sessions, we may sip a glass (or two), whereas, at our “Canvas & Cake” sessions we’ll be enjoying jam & cream scones or afternoon tea.

The focus is on fun, relaxation, and the joy of painting, ensuring an unforgettable experience that fosters connections and celebrates the creativity in everyone.

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Connect and Socialise

Connect and Socialise:

Experience the unconventional night out, meet a wonderful diverse group of people and make new friends.
Relax & Reduce Stress Levels

Relax & Reduce Stress Levels:

Unwind in a relaxed and welcoming environment where you can let your creativity flow.
Learn New Skills

Learn New Skills:

Acquire painting techniques and skills that allow you to complete a whole painting in as little as 2 hours and take forward to your new creations.
Build Creative Confidence

Build Creative Confidence:

Discover your inner artist and boost your self-esteem as you explore your own unique creative personality.
Explore Your Imagination

Explore Your Imagination:

Unleash your unique creative personality without boundaries or judgement.
Explore Your Imagination

Take Home Your Masterpiece:

Leave with your own wonderful artwork that you can proudly display in your home or office.

Upcoming Events

A selection of our upcoming events. For the complete list please visit our Events Page.
If you prefer to can view our Calendar for events by date.


Why nJoyArt?

At nJoyArt, we offer more than just painting classes; we provide an experience that stands out from the rest:



We inspire adults to explore their creativity, enjoy some well-deserved down time and above all, have fun. Suitable for complete beginners to seasoned artists, we provide a stress-free approach and everything you need is included!

The Importance of You

The Importance of You

We care passionately and value your individuality, believing that everyone has a creative personality that deserves the freedom to emerge. So, we ensure that every guest feels supported and encouraged throughout the process.

Unconventional Entertainment

Unconventional Entertainment

We transform ordinary nights into creative escapades. Forget about painting perfect pictures; our 'Painting for Fun' sessions are versatile light-hearted sociable events where you can unwind, meet new people, and enjoy the freedom to create.

Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance

Through step-by-step guidance and an engaged, interactive approach, we guarantee that each person, no matter their skill level, will create something unique and individual.

Community Focus

Community Focus

Our events foster a sense of community, bringing together a diverse group of individuals in a welcoming, inclusive environment. We care passionately and value individuality. Our guests meet as strangers and leave as friends.

Subject Matters

Subject Matters

We take care and pride in creating a wide variety of ‘original’ subject paintings to suit all tastes. All the nJoyArt paintings are designed to allow our guests to produce compositions that impress: the detail often masking the ease with which they can be created.

Quality & Comfort

Quality & Comfort

You will be supplied with quality equipment & materials. Your apron will be freshly laundered and your painting space thoughtfully presented. We’ll be there to top up and provide everything you need to make your visit comfortable.

The Right Place

The Right Place

We carefully choose our venues, selecting them for their atmosphere and individuality and working in partnership to create a perfect blend of comfort and inspiration for every session.

Why nJoyart

From Click to Canvas

What to expect from your nJoyArt experience...


Book Your Place

Select your chosen event and secure your spot by booking online. nJoyArt events take place in a variety of popular local venues, ideal for enjoying our unique sociable painting experiences.


Show Up

Arrive at your session venue with enough time to get a drink and settle in. Everything you need to create your painting is provided, so all you need to bring is an open mind and enthusiasm.


Paint For Fun

Every guest, regardless of ability, will finish their painting in one session which takes as little as 2 hours. Our easy-to-follow guidance ensures a fun mix of painting and socialising, complete with drinks and conversation.


Enjoy Your Creation

After the event, you’ll leave with your own wonderful painting, a personal reminder of a delightful experience, and a conversation piece to amaze your friends and family.

What we Paint

Browse our gallery to see the wonderful paintings we recreate with you in our fun painting sessions.

What our customers say

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about nJoyArt? Our FAQs section is here to help! Dive into this handy guide for quick answers to your most common queries.

What is the cost of a session?


Our standard public sessions are usually around £30. We do occasionally have different offers, so please see the individual events for specific prices.

All places must be booked in advance.

What will I be painting?

There is a subject painting for each session. So, you can choose your session knowing what you are painting.

We have a wide variety of original subject paintings to suit many tastes. So you won’t find our paintings elsewhere.

Every painting is designed so that you can complete your own version in the time available.

What medium do you use?

We use acrylic paint for our sessions.

Acrylic is a great medium with both watercolour and oil characteristics.

It is water soluble when wet, quick drying and versatile. Ideal for our fun painting sessions.

PLEASE NOTE: Acrylic paint stains porous surfaces including clothing. Please wear appropriate clothing.

Do I need prior experience?


No, it does not matter if you have never painted before.

Our calm, friendly guidance is designed to make it achievable for everyone. Including creative & logical thinkers alike.

However, we do understand that approaching a canvas can be intimidating. You will certainly not be alone and our guests confirm their apprehension very quickly fades.

You can be assured that we will make your experience as relaxed as possible. We are here to help and support you through the process.

What is included in the session fee?


All the equipment you require is provided for you, including a clean apron to help protect your clothing.

Many events also have a complimentary drink included in the price. Please see the individual events for more details.

We want you to enjoy hassle-free entertainment with professional-grade materials, quality instruction, and lasting memories.

What types of events do you do?


You’ll find our events in a variety of styles.

For example: at our “Paint and Sip”, “Paint and Pint” and “Paint & Prosecco” sessions, we may sip a glass (or two). Whereas, at our “Canvas & Cake” sessions we'll be enjoying jam & cream scones or afternoon tea.

The focus of all our sessions is on fun, relaxation, and the joy of painting, ensuring a memorable experience that encourages connections and celebrates the creativity in everyone.

Where are the events held?


We have a variety of carefully chosen venues for our public sessions.

We work in partnership with them to bring you the best experience we can.

Our regular venues are mostly in and around Rugby, Daventry and Warwickshire. Check them all out on our venue page.

There are also plans to expand into other areas.

Are your sessions suitable for children?


Whilst we do love to hear about youngsters with a passion for art we don’t allow youngsters in our public sessions.

Our sessions are a chance for the adults to get away and have some time to themselves, so all our events are designed specifically for adults (18+).

However, children can attend a private booking with adult family members.

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