nJoyArt Collaborator – Lauriel

Lauriel – The Creative Caledonian

Lauriel - The Creative Caledonian

Hi, I can’t wait to meet you all at the fun and friendly watercolour sessions that I am running.

A little bit about me to put you all at ease!  Born in Manchester but grew up in Kent and now reside in Scotland.

Scotland is where my love of creating was ignited and since I particularly love being out in ‘the nature’ I found watercolours were perfect to pop into my rucksack and be whipped out whenever inspiration struck and it strikes a lot up here.

I have extended my mediums and use acrylic and resin to create pieces to enable me to reflect what I love about Scotland.

I have turned all this creativity into a business and sell my unique creations online The Creative Caledonian (please feel free to have a browse).

I love my business and creating and wanted to share my passions with more people and it just so happened that Jan (whom I have know for years) was starting ‘MyInnerArtist’ community – open to all who want to discover themselves and a further private community for those that wanted to take their creativity forward.  I jumped at the chance of getting involved and have found the whole experience very rewarding.  I was hooked on the connection with people that I got from these communities and then Jan put a call out for Collaborators to extend the range of creative sessions that n’JoyArt offers.   Buoyed up from my experience with the groups I stepped forward and am running watercolour sessions with various images which you can all create no matter what your level of experience. 

The ethos of n’JoyArt is carried throughout my sessions, they are fun, friendly and supportive, catering for all levels with only basic painting equipment required, however, the more advanced person can also get a lot from these sessions either discovering a new technique or being inspired by someone else’s style and colours.

Examples of what we will paint:

Book a session and come and find your joy of watercolours!

Equipment for all sessions

A small amount goes a long way with watercolour painting so if you are used to using acrylics or oils and large tubes don’t be shocked when you see that watercolour tubes are much smaller.

  • A4 watercolour paper
  • Tubes of watercolour paint or pans

(please note pans are harder to get bright colours with)

  • Basic colours
    • Black
    • White
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Indigo (if possible)
  • Brushes – 1/2″ flat, small round (nice point to the end), 1″ brush or sponge for wetting paper with
  • Pallett to mix in – if you don’t have a pallet then you will need to find something that you can put your paints on (if using tubes) and an area to mix.  Segmented pill holder, mini plates or dishes.  Remember watercolour runs so you need to ensure you can keep colours separate.
  • Container of water
  • Kitchen towel or  tissue (for absorbing water)
  • Low tack tape

You will also need a flat surface that you can work on as we don’t do watercolours on an easel, table, desk, tray on your lap etc