Jan Taylor – Artist

Hi there, I am Jan. I am an Artist and Creative Coach.

I create the wonderful pictures you all get to paint on our fun painting sessions. 

Every picture is designed so that it can be broken down into straightforward steps, making it easy to follow for people of any level of ability to achieve in the group painting sessions.

I am a positive person with a calm disposition. I love breaking the paintings into easy steps and explaining the process to our lovely guests, so we can all get a finished painting at the end of each session.

In my spare time, I enjoy drawing pencil portraits from photographs. I love eyes, the window to the soul and I love to capture the amazing likeness of the subject I am drawing.

I think it is an amazing gift for someone special, capturing that person, wonderful memory or moment in time just so you can enjoy it every day. I do take commissions when I am able to, so please contact me if you would like to know more. There’s nothing like a piece of fine art to share and appreciate.

I can be contacted through any of the nJoyArt routes.

I also have some of my work availabel in prints of various sizes.

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