TheArtSocial – nJoyArt ‘Painting for Fun’

Please Note: This page covers our in-person sessions, although the format is similar for online too. We are running our in-person sessions for public and private parties as and when the Government rules allow. If you are interested in hosting a private party of your own please contact us. All future sessions will be fully compliant with the government guidelines for COVID-19

What to expect

A warm welcome!

You can expect a friendly greeting when we sign you in, do the admin and take your order for a drink (if included).

We will introduce ourselves and other guests and we will invite you to choose your personal painting station.

Everything you need

Your station will be set up and ready for you with everything you need for your session of fun and creativity.

You will have an apron (please use it as acrylic paint can stain your clothes!), an easel, pre-coated art board, brushes, paint, kitchen towel and any specific items of equipment you may need for that session. We have many fun and intriguing methods for getting the results we desire in the simplest way possible.

Step by Step Instructions

Once we are all settled, Jan our artist will explain what will happen with the chosen painting, how many stages there will be and anything else you need to know.

Jan demonstrates the stage with simple, step by step instructions on how to paint the first part of your picture.

Once she has done that, it’s your turn.

Don’t worry! We are well aware there will be some apprehension at this point. Remember you are in good hands and in good company. We will support and guide you throughout the whole process and for as much or as little as you need.

The next stages will follow the same pattern, but by now you will be feeling a lot more relaxed! Soon we hope you will be enjoying a wonderful social evening, feeling less stressed, sharing a fun activity with the other guests and admiring each others paintings. We will all be budding artists by now!

Suitable for all

The sessions are suitable for all, from complete beginner to experienced artists. Everyone brings their own uniqueness and we are always delighted to see your interpretations.

At the end of the session, you can take your beautiful painting home. Then wait until the next day and delight in how it looks even better in the new light of day!

Whatever the reason that brings you to a nJoyArt ‘Painting for Fun’ session you will always be guaranteed a warm and friendly welcome.

We look forward to seeing you soon!