The Art Room – nJoyArt ONLINE

nJoyArt is running Online Live ‘Painting for Fun’ Sessions.

These sessions will be a similar format to our in-person events, where we provide you with step by step instructions, but in this case, it is in a Virtual Environment and you will need your own equipment.

Enjoyable for all, from absolute beginner to anyone just wanting some company whilst painting.

What you will need:

Device and connectivity

  • You need a PC, Smartphone or Tablet (iOS or Android) with a camera & mic
  • An internet (WiFi/Data) connection
  • An email address
  • (First time only) You will be asked to download and install a group App. (we assure you it is safe, secure and reputable!)

Art equipment

  • Easel (not essential if you are happy to work flat)
  • Something to put your paint on, a palette, or a plate is just as good
  • Fine spray bottle with water, or a small container of water
  • Kitchen towel or disposable towel.
  • Protection of your clothing, surfaces and surrounding area is your responsibility
  • Brushes – we have a selected set of brushes which cover most of our paintings – see More on Equipment…
  • Acrylic paint – we will tell you the colours needed
  • Other items (often household items, like a piece of card) – we will tell you what is needed

Session Booking

  • Check the event details in the nJoyArt Calendar or Facebook Events page
  • Book your place on the nJoyArt Store
  • You will be asked to go through a checkout process (even if the session is Free)
  • When you have booked your place through the nJoyArt Store you will be able to download your Registration link which will result in you being given your unique access information. You will also have the information regarding what you specifically need for that session.

On the day

  • Your device (PC/Smartphone/Tablet) will need to be positioned so that we can see you (hopefully – if you allow it!) and your painting (definitely) so we can help and advise.

Things to Note:

The speed of your internet connection can affect the quality and usability of the nJoyArt Online Art Room. Please be aware – this is something nJoyArt has no control over!

There are some things we can do to assist with this, but it can vary considerably. If you find you are unable to take part as a result of poor connection, you may choose to leave. If it is within the first 30 minutes of the session, we will refund your fee.

If you do not have the Art equipment already, there will be items for sale through the nJoyArt Store (At present items will be sent by UK courier delivery service only)

However, there is no obligation to purchase equipment from nJoyArt, you can purchase what you need through any of the online resources available, it is entirely your choice.

Where the suggested equipment/supplies are not used the results may vary.

Your unique access information is for your use only and is specific to the session you have booked.  Every session will have new access information.

Any questions, please contact us


  • nJoyArt confirms personal data is held and processed lawfully and transparently in accordance with GDPR.
  • nJoyArt may use the information you have provided to contact you.

You can request your information to be removed at any time.