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#423C 15th September 2022 (7pm) - Mono Printing - Heart of the Matter ONLINE with Lauriel

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nJoyArt invites you to take time for yourself, relax and enjoy some creative fun with Mono Printing, ONLINE with Lauriel

Hi everyone, my name is Lauriel and I can’t wait to share my love of all things creative with you. The pictures are created exclusively for nJoyArt and you do not need any experience.... truly! I know some can be sceptical about this, but please, believe me, it is fabulous for the absolute beginner, and it is simply awesome to share with friends at any level too.

Every session is run live online and I will guide you step by step showing you each stage first and being there as you create to answer any questions you may have. The session is fun and friendly and at the end of the session, you will have a wonderful picture to be proud of.


This is session is best done with Acrylic paint.

  • Good quality paper - any size but generally A4 is good for this giving enough room to explore. If you prefer to do on canvas or wood panels that is fine but most people don't have those lying around. Any surface should have a layer of gesso (or white paint) applied to stop the acrylic paint from being soaked in.
  • Any colour acrylic paints that you like for the background - Watercolour paints would also work but you won't get such a rich effect.
  • Cellophane (like you get bouquets in, not clingfilm) or a plastic bag either bin or shopping will suffice. Basically something that has some flexibility but strong enough to take some paint as we will be using this to print. If you can find something clear it makes it easier to see your print area.
  • Two water pots for clean and dirty water
  • Something to apply the paint, could be a paintbrush but can also be a roller, hands, scrapper, sponge really anything you don't mind getting paint on
  • Low tack tape if you want to get clean edges
  • Kitchen roll

And that is it.

I look forward to greeting you all.

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Sessions are run with a minimum of 6 guests with the option to transfer or refund if not met.

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