Exciting news from nJoyArt!

I’m Jan, the founder of nJoyArt, and I’m looking for positive individuals to join us as lead artists for our one-of-a-kind fun painting sessions.

Artistic virtuosity isn’t the prerequisite here – we’re seeking people who, like me, believe in the magic of art as a vehicle for fun, relaxation, and individual expression and who have a knack for bringing out the creativity in others.

nJoyArt was born in 2019 out of my passion for art and the desire to create a nurturing space where adults of any age and skill level can explore their creativity.

Our sessions offer a safe, welcoming place for adults of all ages and skill levels to experience the therapeutic benefits of painting.

For us at nJoyArt, the primary aim isn’t to educate but to entertain.

Our focus isn’t on shaping perfect artists but on facilitating memorable, stress-busting experiences.

We encourage learning, but always within an environment that values light-hearted enjoyment and personal growth over artistic precision.

We care passionately, value individuality and believe wholeheartedly that everyone’s creative personality should be celebrated.

Behind the scenes, there’s a lot of activity – from managing bookings and marketing to coordinating supplies. This takes a vast amount of resources and relentless effort.  But it is scalable. 

It means nJoyArt can support numerous lead artists and expand to bring the joy and benefits of painting to more adults, in more local areas, anywhere. And it allows the creatives to concentrate on being just that.

We are at the start of this process.

So, I am looking for the right people, who would also be interested in helping me develop a model that suits them as creatives, upholds the values and purpose of nJoyArt and works for us as a business too.

If you think that this opportunity might be for you, please complete the form below and I will be in touch!

Thank you for your interest