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#784 6th July 2024 - nJoyArt Private Booking

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Private Booking Details

Event: Social Event
Venue: St Mark’s Church, Bilton, CV22 7LX
Parking/Access: Church Carpark, Short Walk or Church Centre – Direct Access
Date: Saturday 6th July 2024
Number of Guests: 12
Event Start: 2pm
Set Up Arrival: 1pm
Event Duration: 2-2.5hours (depending on the painting chosen)
Clear Up Time: 45 minutes
Painting: To be Decided
Quote: £370 (£150 payable upon booking, Balance due 7 Days before the event)
Additional Guests: £20 per head

I will provide:

  • All the equipment (Easels, Brushes, etc) and materials (Paint, Boards, etc) needed to complete the chosen painting.
  • Freshly laundered aprons to help protect your clothing.
  • Table coverings and attention to surroundings, ensuring the room is left as I find it.
  • Friendly guidance, encouragement, and lots of yummy noises.
  • Photographs of your event for you to relive the fun memories. (optional)

What I need from you, please:

  • At the venue, tables and chairs, with enough space for each guest to have a tabletop easel and an area to the side for their paint/brushes/drink etc.
  • An extra table/space for me to put the paints/equipment on, please.
  • Refreshments for you and your guests.
  • Painting surfaces will be covered, but please be aware that acrylic paint stains porous surfaces including clothing. Please bear this in mind when choosing what to wear and let your guests know.
  • Parking, and access close to the entrance for unloading/loading, would be appreciated.

In case you need it, I have linked ‘There’s something you need to know…’ a document to introduce your guests to the idea and answer some of the questions they may ask.

Contact: Holly Byatt / Jan Taylor nJoyArt (via Facebook Messenger/Email)

Note: This page is only visible by the link provided.

Cancellations & Refunds

Private bookings

  • If you cancel more than 7 days before the event, you can either:
    1. Reschedule to an alternative date, subject to availability and any necessary fee adjustments.
    2. Request a full refund.
  • If you cancel within 7 days but more than 48 hours before the event, you will forfeit the minimum booking fee.
  • If you cancel less than 48 hours before the event, you will forfeit the full fee

Please ensure you have read our Terms & Conditions and ask your guests to wear suitable clothing.

Information about what you need at the venue can be found on our pricing page

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