nJoyArt’s Collaborator Initiative brings the wonderful talents of independent Artists and Makers to the nJoyArt Community so you can enjoy a wider choice, and variety of mediums, styles and techniques.

Meet our Collaborators

Lauriel – The Creative Caledonian

Lauriel is a fun and versatile creator who never shies away from experimenting. She harnesses the beauty of nature and embraces the inspiration of her surroundings in Scotland, where she lives.

Lauriel brings the joy of watercolour painting to you in her fun and friendly sessions.

She is also a member of The nJoyArt Team and an active contributor to the MyInnerArtist FREE Live Workshop

More Information and what you need for Lauriel‘s sessions

Liz – Little Liz Happy Art

Liz is a very talented artist, her beautiful creations that reflect light and reflections are amazing.

She has a fabulous attitude to art that sits very well with nJoyArt and what we stand for, and she truly lives up to her name LittleLiz HappyArt. Please visit her site to see her wonderful masterpieces.

Liz brings her own beautiful creations to nJoyArt, so you too can enjoy what she has to offer.

More Information and what you need for Liz’s sessions

Rebekah – Watercolour Illustrator

Rebekah brings the fascinating world of watercolour illustration to the nJoyArt community.

Finding inspiration from people in everyday settings, sketching, fine lining and bringing to life with watercolour.

More Information and what you need for Rebekah’s sessions

Calling Independent Artists & Makers
Interested in being a Collaborator?
Have you thought of running your own online sessions to share your creative knowledge, ….but you don’t know where to start, ……. or you just can’t be doing with the huge myriad of ‘stuff’ that goes on behind the scene? 
nJoyArt works with independent Artists and Makers.
The infrastructure is provided by nJoyArt, while you concentrate on the creative!  
Interested?  Get in touch
This is not a franchise! We are looking for the right fit, not for people to pay for the privilege. You remain independent and you will be paid for the sessions you run.