A moment of reflection

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II, I have found myself thinking about many things; about my life, my experiences, the past, the present, and in so doing, going through various emotions… I would imagine I am not alone in this.

The Queen was the most remarkable and inspirational woman I’ve ever known and an example of steadfast consistency that I am sure I will never see again in my lifetime…  I struggle just trying to post on social media regularly ?

I am not talking about the monarchy here (although I do find all the ceremonial exhibition, beautifully colourful and strangely addictive), I am talking about her as a person. 

I could use the words used by many to describe her…and I echo so many of them. A shining light, a positive energy, and admiration, are views shared far and wide… and by me.

She was all that…but for me….
Well, she reminded me of my wonderful mother… the ‘Joy’ I have with me every day in my memory and in n’Joy’Art… ?

I have tried to continue my work in the usual way since the announcement on 8th September, but found myself pinned to the Live News coverage… watching a line of cars driving for hours through Scotland, listening to commentators expertly speak for hours about nothing, or at least stuff we mostly already knew …. what’s that all about then? ?  When you consider it, it is kinda surreal…

I will be glued again, to the Live coverage of her funeral…. reflecting in my own way

We all need moments like this, because they do make us stop for a moment, and consider what is important in our own lives…

Then after a while, we move forward again… a little wiser, with positivity…