Last Chance….

Hej hej 
This is going to be my last ONLINE paintalong this year. I have so many fabulous plans for the new year and I want to give myself some space to plan those and of course spend time with my family💖 … too many losses remind you of the importance of giving yourself space. So that is what I am doing.

I would love to spend the evening painting with all of you, maybe have a little glass to wish us all well (🥂 any excuse 😉). You and nJoyArt are a big part of my life and I love it. I love seeing the joy it brings and I love seeing the smiling faces when people realise they really ‘can do it’ ðŸ–Œï¸ðŸŽ¨

So dust off your brushes and join me and my other guests painting our own wonderful Christmas trees.🎄


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