MyInnerArtist – Free Workshop!

I created nJoyArt to make the joy of art accessible to anyone, even if, and particularly if, people didn’t think they could do it! I want to inspire people to find and embrace their own creativity. 

With this in mind, I have created a Workshop called MyInnerArtist starting early February and I would really love for you to join me.   

 MyInnerArtist is all about dispelling the myths, overcoming the barriers and setting ourselves up for freely accepting what art and creativity can do for us all. Particularly at this time!

It is a great opportunity for our more experienced artists and creators too. We all have something to contribute and I would love to see that at all levels.

Let’s make this a fabulous first launch! Spread the word to anyone you think could benefit from what we do and please join me at MyInnerArtist