Something to do at Christmas

Here’s something to do at Christmas!

Not many of us can get together for Christmas so we have put together an offer so you can have your very own fun painting Party.

It’s an opportunity to still enjoy a little festive cheer in the company of your your family and friends.

Let nJoyArt take you on a fun and creative journey … enjoy a couple of hours or so of social and friendly company, your company, your family, your friends.

No one has to be left out because you don’t need any experience. From complete beginner to the experienced painter, its light-hearted, great to share and fun for all.

The sessions are run online and live via a Zoom meeting, no pre-recordings here! This means we will interact with you as individuals and will be there to guide and support you along the way.

We will guide you with Step by Step, easy to follow instructions, showing you the techniques needed. At the end of the session, you will all have your own unique, finished painting, to enjoy and admire. You can even enjoy a glass or two and not have to worry about driving!

You choose the date, time and what you want to paint from our gallery of 30+ paintings

The sessions are a single fixed price.
(for example, £150 is equivalent to £25 per head for 6 people. £15 per head for 10 and so on)
There are no restrictions on numbers!

Check availability and book your party at

Find out more about TheArtRoom and what you will need.
Choose a painting from a wide variety of subjects and styles
Pick up a starter kit if you need equipment