September Events / New Paintings

The September online dates have arrived and there are a couple of new paintings, the scruffily Highland Coo and the other one… well I can’t tell you about the other one as it is the Mystery Paint!

The inspiration for the Highland Coo came from my guests and I am always happy to get suggestions! Trying to do a picture of a cow that doesn’t resemble someone else’s is pretty difficult because they are incredibly popular and there are sooooo many!! So I based my painting on 3 different photographs, I adapted the composition and colours to create nJoyArt’s version of a Highland Coo. I hope you like her!

Our first Mystery Paint was great fun and you asked for more… so here it is. In this session the painting is a Mystery, that is until you work out what you are painting. I will tell you what colours and equipment you need, but that is all! Go on, have a go!

Lots of other fabulous paintings to do in September too. Check the Calendar and visit our Events page to book your place.