nJoyArt Update….

June is well underway and we are sorting out the sessions for the coming weeks.

TheArtRoom’s July sessions are all sorted and we will be adding them to the Events section over the next couple of days.

As the lockdown continues to ease, many of us will be facing new challenges… why not join us for a painting session in TheArtRoom to help us all relax and regroup!

July Sessions will be discounted by 50% making them great value at £10 per session!

PLUS…we are launching the ‘Super Session Pass’ which allows you to buy a number of session places upfront at a further discount! Available in our store now – http://store.nJoyArt.co.uk

AND….we have the exciting ‘Mystery Paint’ coming up on 11th July 10am – we will let you know what brushes and colours you need, but you won’t know what we will be painting! How long will it take you to work it out?!