Supporting Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing

We can all appreciate the amazing amount of physical effort going into supporting the country right now, particularly from our frontline and essential workers, but we are also urged to acknowledge the huge strain on mental health and emotional wellbeing this situation is putting us all under too.

This is where njoyArt is helping: by running online live ‘painting for fun’ sessions. Art has many therapeutic benefits and we could all do with some of that right now. A little social interaction (in a safe virtual environment), distracting ourselves for a while by focusing on something creative and fun which helps relieve stress and just plain makes us feel better! Best of all… No experience is necessary! We provide easy step by step instructions in a friendly and welcoming environment.

A contribution of £5 per session towards ongoing costs is requested. Time and dedication are given willingly. For NHS staff the sessions are FREE!

Please check it out!