nJoyArt Online – please share

nJoyArt provides guided fun painting sessions for all abilities. These have been social events where we give straightforward, step by step instructions. We provide all the equipment needed and anyone gets to paint a picture they can be proud of.

nJoyArt is a young company with a mission to provide a service that aligns to the culture of wellbeing and inclusion. We were gaining momentum, with returning guests enthusing over the creative, mental and emotional benefits they felt from every nJoyArt session.

Then came Coronavirus.

All our in-person sessions have been cancelled, which we believe is the right thing to do at this time as we want people to stay safe.


We are just days away from being able to provide nJoyArt sessions to our guests in their homes over a live video link.

We wanted to carry on the sessions for our local guests who love to paint, but by doing this we are opening up the opportunity for people further afield too. People who are isolated can share the (virtual) company of others, chat and enjoy the calming benefits of painting.

Guests will need a PC, smartphone or tablet with mic/camera and an internet connection, art equipment that they can buy online for themselves or through nJoyArt. We will let our guests know what they need.

Places will need to be booked in advance and numbers will be kept manageable. There will ultimately be a per session fee in order to cover the ongoing costs. However, for the rest of March sessions will be free of charge. This enables people to try it out and for us to get used to delivering nJoyArt in this new way, with help and input from our guests.

For dates, updates and more information please visit us on Facebook/nJoyArtUK or our website http://www.nJoyArt.co.uk

We look forward to welcoming you to nJoyArt’s Online Live Art Room