Notice re Coronavirus

We are aware it is a worrying time for many with the rapid spread of coronavirus.

We also know there will be increasing reluctance to go to places that involve mixing with other people, including social gatherings like our nJoyArt ‘Painting for Fun’ sessions.

Sadly we can’t make that go away but we can inform and reassure you of some the measures nJoyArt is taking to reduce the risk.

  • All tables and table cloths are wiped down with disinfectant at every session.
  • All brushes are cleaned with soap (they always are) and also sprayed with disinfectant
  • Other equipment that our guests need to touch will also be cleaned with disinfectant where possible.
  • We already have Nitrile disposable gloves for the use of our guests. Usually to keep paint off your hands, but feel free to use them if you feel more comfortable doing so!
  • We will reduce the number of places available at the sessions so our guests have more space around them.
  • nJoyArt staff and helpers will follow the recommended guidelines for washing their own hands and taking reasonable action to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
  • Finally, we assure you your personal space will be respected!

We hope to continue running our sessions through this period of uncertainty, but if we do need to make any changes, we will inform you online (Facebook/Website) and through our usual channels of communication.

We wish you all safety and good health.